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Road Warrior? You CAN be Fit and Healthy While on the Road!



There was a time, especially if you traveled in more rural areas, that eating healthy was tough, and exercise options were limited. Today, it’s easier than ever to stay healthy while working out, and excuses are about as limited as the phone booths some of us used to stop at to place orders or call the home office.

Here’s a quick summary (because I know you’ve got other work) that may help you.

1. Veggies, fruit, and nuts. Virtually every airport now has healthy fare, even if it’s a little pricey. However, you can grab a salad, piece of fruit or bag of nuts (nuts are great in moderation and full of heart-healthy fats). Fruit, especially a non-messy apple, can do a great job in filling you up for a flight when combine with a bottle of water.

2. Try the grocery store instead of a restaurant. More and more grocery stores have in-store cafes. Place like Whole Foods have both salad bars and hot bars with tons of choices. Regardless of your nutritional goals, try to think of you plate as a palette, combining green, orange, and yellow veggies such as kale, brocolli, sweet potato and squash. Your proportion of vegetables should be much higher than your meat group, or skip meat entirely and try some cold water fish such as salmon, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Breakfast – Go for the oatmeal and fruit option. Oatmeal can help lower cholesterol and keep you full. Try tea instead of coffee, as research continues to come up touting the benefits of tea, especially green and black tea.

Exercise: It’s easy to get a workout if you’re away from your favorite gym, even if you have to modify things a bit. 

1. Develop an in-room routine. There are many sites which can help you develop a cardio and weight-bearing routine. Don’t underestimate the benefit of calistenics, such as inclined push-ups.

2. Walk or run outside. Ask the front desk manager if it’s safe to exercise outside.

3. Use the hotel’s facility or find a local gym. I know, the hotel’s facility is usually pretty poor, but it’s better than watching TV and eating ice cream. However, some hotels have arrangements with local gyms. If you’re a member of the YMCA, you can use any site, often, for free. Check your hotels zip code and then to go the YMCA site. Finally, consider a national gym with similar arrangements, or even call a local gym and see if you can visit for a small fee.

There are no excuses when reaching your sales goals, so should no longer be any excuses when hitting the road.